Training and Development

Salmat strives to sustain a culture of performance – a culture enabling us to "raise the bar" and ensure sustained business success.  We are committed to providing our staff opportunities to grow and realise their full potential and create an environment of continuous performance improvement and personal development.

Salmat values diversity in our people making this a unique and rewarding company to work for.  Salmat is committed to providing ongoing learning, personal and career development opportunities across the length of your employment with us.

We are dedicated to 'giving a bit back' to our employees and have many ways to recognise our people. Our values focus on encouragement and promote excellence from within all levels of our company.

ComponentWhat is it?What it means to our people


A comprehensive on-boarding experience which provides a uniform message designed to enhance a new employee’s understanding of the opportunities available in the business

  • Knowledge of corporate philosophy, of career opportunities, a sense of belonging and commitment to their goals

Performance Review and Development Program

Consistent application and enforcement of the bi-annual PDP review process in conjunction with monthly One On One program

  • Setting of clear goals and expectations within the business to maximise success
  • Identification of training opportunities against job specific requirements to enhance career development

Management Training

Ongoing, leadership development programs to enhance management skills across the business

  • Ensures best practice people management principles are used throughout the business
  • Allows managers to deliver consistent messages

Promotion from Within

Policy that all roles will be advertised internally and promotions will be recognised across the Salmat intranet

  • Provides opportunities for career progression internally
  • Promotes career progression success stories to all staff nationally
  • To ensure that those women with leadership aspirations have a clear path within Salmat on how to become a leader


To be recognised as a leading equal opportunity employer

  • Selection is based on skills, attitude and knowledge

Mentor Program

Managers volunteering time to spend with employees

  • Share knowledge and experience leading to advice sharing and increased career progression



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