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At Salmat we value our workforce. We strive to provide a challenging environment that enables employees to grow professionally and develop their skills. Through interaction between our divisions and building sustainable relationships between our staff we foster a positive working environment, which contributes vastly to the success of Salmat.

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Salmat Divisions

Salmat works closely across divisions, promoting cross interaction between different employees.

Employees are given the chance to interact with all divisions across all levels of the business to enable staff to build sustainable relationships within the business.
Career opportunities within One Salmat are visible to all staff.

Employee Engagement

Providing employees with challenging work, various tasks and encouraging employee engagement.  

Employees are provided with various levels of tasks and responsibilities and given the freedom to be innovative in their applications and projects.

Positive working environment

Salmat fosters a positive working environment for staff through our management and senior leaders.

  • Allowing for innovation in our processes
  • Encouraging staff to make a difference 
  • Providing career opportunities for employees

Worklife Balance

Salmat understands that work represents one element of our employees’ lives and we offer a number of initiatives to assist employees in achieving a balance between their work and personal life. 

Our worklife balance initiatives include:

  • Part time and flexible hours
  • Access to leave without pay
  • Paid carers leave
  • Paid bereavement leave
  • Paid parental leave


Health and well being

Ongoing activities dependent on the site.

  • Massages
  • Healthy lunch options
  • Discounted gym memberships (either at on-site gyms or partners)
  • Free flu vaccinations
  • Various group activities and events


Salmat values its people. By providing various activities around health and wellbeing we are able to encourage and foster the health and wellbeing of our employees.

Professional Development and Performance Management

Salmat has a supportive management structure with a focus on professional development. Salmat has in place an Employee Performance Review and Development Program (PDP) that creates the opportunity for an ongoing communication process allowing both employee and employer to state their expectations and needs in relation to professional development. 

Salmat offers future career and development opportunities to existing and future employees. Salmat has a strong focus on internal promotion and it is Salmat policy to advertise all roles internally.



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