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Salmat has been in the business of communicating with customers for over 30 years, and currently does so through its divisions: Customer Contact Solutions, Targeted Media Solutions and Digital. These divisions are also supported by Salmat Corporate. There are opportunities in each! Keep reading to find out more.

Salmat Corporate

Media – letterbox media and digital catalogue

At Salmat, we use decades of experience and expertise as market leader to provide our clients – Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted brands and retailers – with letterbox media and digital catalogue solutions that really hit the mark.

How do we do this? First, we make it personal. Fuelled by precise targeting methodology and in-depth market insights, our letterbox media solutions result in highly personalised communications that drive a higher response. We also help our clients complement targeted print strategies with rich, dynamic content in digital catalogues to engage shoppers at the exact moment they are looking to buy.

Then we zone in on the target. With unrivalled national coverage and our industry-leading customer profiling tool (Swiftplan), we are able to target specific audiences – more than any other print media.

Contact – multi-channel contact centre solutions

Our unrivalled expertise in multi-channel contact centre solutions empowers our clients to create consistent, effortless customer experiences. From our expert consulting and outsourcing solutions to leading customer engagement technologies, we bring together the best systems, processes and, of course, people to help them enhance their customer experience, drive non-stop performance, and accelerate profitable growth.

We are all about making it easy for customers, no matter the channel. Because we know that when it comes to the crunch, it’s effortless interactions that improve customer experience, drive loyalty and increase lifetime value. We make this a reality for our clients by using insights to leverage smart technology across multiple channels with one ultimate goal: to help our clients connect and engage with their customers seamlessly whenever, however and wherever they want.

Digital – digital marketing and ecommerce solutions

At Salmat, we live by the mantra that digital is much more than a marketing channel. It’s a whole world of interactions, each one packed with the potential to get our clients closer to their customers. We offer complete, integrated digital services to help our clients – Australia and New Zealand’s most trusted brands and retailers – seize the potential of each interaction to deliver a more compelling customer experience. These services span digital marketing, consulting, technology and analytics.

Our starting point for any digital strategy is customer insights. And we have a talented data analysis and insights team dedicated to extracting the knowledge required to target customers with more relevant and intelligent digital campaigns. Anything from finding new customers with targeted search marketing campaigns, turning more clicks into sales with streamlined eCommerce experiences, or communicating directly and convincingly with email and SMS marketing.

Local – local area marketing solutions

Every brand needs a local voice. The smaller the brand, the louder this voice needs to be. At Salmat, we provide the tools and expertise for local businesses to find local customers, connect with them and keep them close. And the best part? We make it simple.

Using our marketing solutions, every business, regardless of size, can tap into the power of multi-channel marketing quickly and easily to reach their goals. We’re also experts in helping multi-site national brands and franchises connect with local customers, and work with some of the region’s biggest franchises and retailers to deliver cost-effective, brand-consistent local marketing campaigns.


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